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1 Measure Your Space

First things first – lets measure the space you have. Use our measuring guide below to layout an accurate floor plan. This does not have to be a work of art, but just a clear and accurate drawing of your space. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so take some pictures of the space and send them along.  You may need an extra hand in holding the measuring tape for longer measurements!

Measure Your Space

An easy step-by-step guide to measure your space properly.

2 Pick Your Door Design

Second, you need to decide on a door design. There are so many great designs we offer. From today’s latest trends to traditional styles to environmentally friendly products, there is one style you are sure to love.

3 Choose a Finish

Once you have a design style you love now you can select a finish. This maybe a stain, glaze, or opaque application. We use low V.O.C. high solid content finishes , water-based, polyurethane and mineral oil are also available.

4 Select Your Cabinets

Since you have an accurate set of drawings you made it is possible to select the cabinets you want. This step isn’t essential but worth the time. You will find a selection of cabinet types here. Do your best to pick the right dimensions. We will be going over everything with a keen eye so we will make the necessary adjustments and or recommendations. The cabinets will vary in price depending on style and finish. When submitting the quote you can note the style and finish there. Almost done!

Submit Your Plan

Now its our turn! Submit the quote with everything filled out including design style and finish. Attach your floorplan worksheet with any photos to us via email. Once we get both quote and floorplan worksheet we will put everything together. In a couple of days we will get back to you. Your very own design package will be presented including detailed floor  plans and elevations, cabinet list, prices, timelines and recommendations for install. Once all details of the design and quote are discussed and you are completely happy we sign off.
Easy as that…!